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 Posted: Thu Mar 13th, 2008 09:14 am
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Younglobo I had a child in my class from a good southern family .  The father and grandfather and the child in my class all had the same first name.  Forrest.  Yes they were named for Nathan Bedford.  After the movie came out the child who was in third grade changed his name to Chip .  He all of a sudden no longer wanted to be called Forrest. 

Having the name Susan Sweet and in school always having to write it first name last . Sweet, Susan. Do  you know how many times I had someone sing Sweet Sue to me?  Or the first day at my new college how many people kept saying to me,
" What a sweet name you have . Bet no one has ever told you that before. " The evil twin in me finally got to saying ," No you are just the 999th today . "


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