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 Posted: Thu Mar 13th, 2008 10:32 pm
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j harold 587 wrote: When my wife and I visited Pamplin Military Park at Pertersburg (I highly recommend this museuem/ educational experience) as they have the largest privately owned  area of the original Petersburg seige earthworks they were excavating a picket post that was about 250 yards away from the actual earthworks. I thought at the time this was really far out considering the strength of the fortification. However considering that the Union troops staged closer than that for the Crater it may not have been overly far foreward. By the way I think Susan has commented on the excellent book store they have, but I will give it another plug.  I still have a book from that spree I ave not read yet. Don't tell my wife. :? She may cut off my book money.
J harold, are you saying that you're SUPPOSED to read the books that you have before you buy more?  What an odd concept.  Why on earth would I want to do that? :cool: 

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