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 Posted: Thu Mar 13th, 2008 10:36 pm
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susansweet wrote: J. Harold I collect preprimers and primers as I taught first grade for years and years.  I love old school books but only the ones I used as a child or first grade text.  I have a pretty complete set of Dick and Jane.  I was talking about that to some friends up in Oregon one summer.  The friend of my friend went to a yard sale the next day and came home with a small orange volume.  He handed it to me saying "I know you collect childeren's books."  

I let out a warwhoop you could have heard back east .  I had in my hand David Farragut , Boy Sailor  from a series called Childhood Biographys of Famous Americans.  A series I had loved as a child .  I read them all . I had been trying for years to find one  or anyone else that remembered them as I did. 

Now here by chance was not only one of the series but a Civil War one.  I was so greatful for that fellow that misunderstood what it was exactly that I collected. 



There's a local bookstore that has several of the Childhood Biography series.  Let me know if you're interested in them and I'll see what I can set up.

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