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 Posted: Thu Mar 13th, 2008 11:22 pm
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Ed, Hank:
It does all come back to lines of communication. It's hard to conceive of the scale of the land in a period when the time taken to traverse distances was comparatively slower, and thus the social connections between different groups within a state much weaker.

The mistake is not just to see the south (or the north) as one homogeneous block, but to also see the internal demographics of the states as similarly uniform.

Thanks for the descriptions of Tennessee and Alabama. Other than printed maps in books I have a modern road map with which I tend to refer to when I can't be bothered to fire up the web browser. As it tells me that I should expect it to take just under two hours to get to Richmond from DC I think I need to find an 1860s atlas.

(As for my previous post, gosh I can go on a bit when I can't let go of an idea)


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