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 Posted: Fri Mar 14th, 2008 02:37 pm
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OK I will agree with Big Powell. After26 years as a State Trooper my best case is this. A man who was so obese he removed the front seat of a 1965 Bonneville and sat in the rear seat so he could fit betweeen the seat and the steering wheel.  He eventually got to the place he never left his bed. When he passed away (the coroner estimated approximately 3 days) the fire dept. cut out a window and winched the body onto a rollback wrecker. It was covered with a tarp and trasported to Cincinatti which is about 50 miles.To a mortuary with a crematorium. They refused to creamate as the fat once liquified would have extinguished the gas jets. So the county buried him in potters field in a septic tank as no vaults were available that would accomodate the bulk.  

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