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 Posted: Wed Apr 26th, 2006 04:28 pm
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The outbuildings were actually located mostly west and northwest of the Carter House.  The side of the YMCA that is closest to the house is where the Federal line ran, about where the 129th Indiana was located.  Check out the map on page 329 of my book.  When that ground was being readied for construction they actually cut through the old Federal works.  I heard bullets still in old cartridge boxes literally poured out.

The drop-off south of the old Pizza Hut exists because the ground the building stood on was elevated to make it level.  Basically the land is somewhat distorted today.  If you stand in the drop-off area that is about 1864 ground level, which is about 6-7 feet below the main Federal line, which existed on the other side of Cleburne Street (the street that runs off of Columbia Avenue past the property).  Also remember due north of the Pizza hut property is where the salient in the Federal line existed.  So no, the drop-off is not where the works were located. 

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