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 Posted: Sun Mar 16th, 2008 04:46 am
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"And apparently in a Toyota. :shock:"

While I can apparently somehow indulge in enough denile and self-deception to accept my favorite drivers riding to victory in stock cars that say "toyota" on them, I myself refuse to be caught dead in one....

Sigh.  This may take years of psychotherapy to work through. 

OR,  NOT!!!!=+++

Go Smoke! Go Rowdy!  ....I don't care if they're racing tricycles made in China, they're still my drivers! 

And, since its the COT, it don't matter if it says Chevy, Dodge, Ford, or Toyota, they're all out of the exact same mold....that's the great thing about the COT - any sort of auto-maker individuality is NOT allowed, it's just how good the engine-making (power-drive?)  team is.  No real glory for any factory-name auto-maker allowed.  Just, how good are the engineers that make the innards....could be that a team of GM engineers are putting the GO in the cars that say "toyota" on the outside.

Cookie-cutter cars on the outside, all to the exact specifications.  Brand name is just extranous, except for whose providing the financial support now.  Or, is this just my self-deception?

Opinions welcome and encouraged!

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