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 Posted: Tue Mar 18th, 2008 01:22 am
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It depends upon the context. Some organizers, event coordinators etc use modern comm to keep safety at the forefront. I've seen paramedics dressed in a cheap sack coat and forage cap in an effort to at least partially conceal their presence. Their uniforms were pretty farby but the effort was at least there and I think the half dozen gits who dropped from heat problems appreciated their presence. At a better powder burner or tactical the ear piece might indicate a judge or a safety monitor of sorts. IE: "There's a cannon just over the top of the hill, wait for it to fire before you charge your men over the top." Also in a tactical, the couple I've been to, the judges usually have modern comm; ie: "Tell the NCO w/ the beat up Hardee to take a hit a sharpshooter just drilled him." and at your end the judge says: "Sgt, take a hit a sharpshooter just nailed you." A tacticals can get very intense and realistic w/ the fog of war being very real so it is sometimes very important to have modern comm to keep people from getting hurt. Particularly important if the range is great... I've been tagged as wounded at about 300 yards that way and seen casualties taken from arty fire at most of a thousand yards in that way.

But that said I've seen some pretty nasty anachronistic stuff over the years. And even if I saw the photo I might not have anything more than a guess w/out having a better understanding of the context. A lot has to deal w/ the kind of events you attend. The stricter the standards, and their enforcement, the better the event in most cases IMO. I've been to an event where a fella w/ Cabela's special Hawken was asked to borrow a legit arm or take a hike... and those were about the words. I've also been to events where such was allowed due to a desperate need for bodies... no matter how bad they looked.

Hope that makes some sense.

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