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 Posted: Thu Apr 27th, 2006 01:11 am
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As of this moment, Gas in Mechanicsville, VA is $2.99 a gallon.:(  (I wish they had a choaking smilie, but I didn't see one, or maybe a Barfing one.)  If I could safely ride a Bicycle to the local sites I surely would, but dogone it they don't put shoulders on the sides of the roads any more and I've already been run OFF the road twice in the past couple of years and just don't feel safe.

That aside, trips will probably be fewer but they just can't be cut out.  I still need to get the kids out of my wife's hair from time to time, and we can't walk everywhere.  Then there is the paid-for family vacation in June.   I do plan to combine as many things into these trips as possible though.  The trip in June will offer an opportunity to see places we've never seen before and probably won't for quite some time. (We're going to Florida, so there will be a chance to drop by Olustee to see if anything much is there, and Fort Pulaski in Georgia (this one is definite)).  Going to the Grandparents offers chances for the 1864 Overland Campaign (my parents) or Ft. Monroe, the Yorktown, and Hampton Roads (My Wife's parents.)  Please note, we ARE talking about combined trips here, ones we would have made anyhow, not special trips just to see the parks.  So, I guess it does but somewhat of a crimp in things.

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