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 Posted: Tue Mar 18th, 2008 07:18 pm
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being a little younger but yet old i remember were I was when the space shuttle Challanger exploded, when Regan was shot, Elvis died, and of Course 911. probably the same for every generation. Remember my grandma telling me about VE day and VJ day and the great depression era, like it was yesterday.

Dixie .. have seen that email many times only serious history buffs or folks with excellent memories, remember all the facts and sadly alot of folks put stock in what they see on tv and read in emails. I think that is what the other folks here on the board are worried about and get a little passionate about that because they feel connected to it. Kind of like we feel when we as civil war buffs hear generalizations about the war and the folks in it. Looked at my daughter like she had 3 heads when she came home from 5 grade social studies and told me my hero was a racist bigit and the civil war was fought entirely over slavery, (which is what teacher had told her).

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