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 Posted: Wed Mar 19th, 2008 12:41 am
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I'm glad you have said this, Younglobo.

I've been wanting to say something, myself.

I think that we are very fortunate to have bright young members who share of themselves and their lives with us, and that sometimes the board elders tend to be a little hard on the youngers. 

The post Dixie shared was fun and, in my book, interesting.  I'd never seen it before.  On the board, it got us thinking and talking and correcting the history.  So, this has served to strike a blow against the inaccurate history that is out there. 

Also, I wonder how many young people have read this comparison of two assasinated presidents, and found it interesting and got to thinking about history.  So, it does serve a purpose.  And, by Dixie sharing it with us, it has given us a chance to discuss and correct it, and to discuss the importance of accuracy in history.

I think, that as elders, we should be appreciating and enjoying the input of our younger members.  And, I especially enjoy Dixie's posts because they often remind me of what being 14 was like.

I myself believe that it is better to help a young person find his or her place than to put him/her in it.

I have great admiration for the way Dixie has dealt - on more than one occasion -with what would make me feel put down and fearful of posting again if it was directed at me.

Sorry to be so out-spoken, but it has bothered me for awhile,  that I've felt  that a younger member was treated a mite rudely, and  discouraged unnessarily.  And, I am not pointing fingers or naming names.  I'm guessing it is not intentional, but  really an attempt to teach.  Just, it doesn't translate well in the written word sometimes....


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