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 Posted: Wed Mar 19th, 2008 01:12 am
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OK, let's stop before it gets out of hand.

There was nothing wrong with Dixie posting this. There was also nothing wrong with folks trying to correct the historical accuracy (or lack of it).

Tone is difficult to moderate. I saw some posts in this thread I may have phrased differently, and I've seen some that went out of their way to correct but encourage.

Having said that, I don't think one can post something on a history related board such as "Forrest was not a racist bigit. anybody with any sense knows that" and not excpect to be challenged.

Dixie is 14, and I'm encouraged to see anyone of that age participate in a board such as this. But when statement of facts such as the above are made, they're going to be challenged, and rightly so.

Tone and civility are important. I advertise this board as "the friendliest Civil War discussion board" anywhere. Everyone has an obligation to keep it that way.

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