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 Posted: Wed Mar 19th, 2008 03:06 pm
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Allow me to respectfully disagree, at least about Mac.

McClellan was virtually given the Peninsula by Johnston, but perhaps because of his caution, he still couldn't take advantage. Of course, this campaign might have been a clash of two overcautious commanders. Maybe they cancelled each other out.

Then there's Antietam, where Mac was in possession of Lee's Special Orders No. 191, which outlined Lee's plans for the Maryland campaign, and Mac still fumbled the ball. No commander who has access to his opponents plans should be so reticent. On top of that, Mac never committed the bulk of his troops at Antietam. What's up with that?

At Second Manassas, Mac's arrogance and his failure to work in conjunction with Pope does nearly as much to damage Pope's effort than Lee does. And don't get me started on Pope.

I fear greatness just wasn't available to Mac, except in his own mind.

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