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 Posted: Thu Apr 27th, 2006 03:14 pm
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Can't tell you how my blood is boiling.....

 Klan Group Plans Rally at Antietam
  The World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has received permission to rally at Antietam National Battlefield in June, park superintendent John Howard said Tuesday.  The U.S. Constitution is the basis for the permit that allows the white supremacist group to assemble June 10 at Mumma Farmstead, according to a copy of the document provided by the group's commander, Gordon Young.  "We have a requirement to evaluate applications that are submitted under the First Amendment of the Constitution," Howard said.  According to Howard, the group's application indicates about 100 people will turn out for the rally. The park has identified separate areas where media and protesters would assemble, if necessary, and several law enforcement agencies will be responsible for maintaining order, Howard said. (Offsite: Hagerstown MD Herald-Mail)

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