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 Posted: Thu Mar 20th, 2008 12:59 am
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When one tries to compare different leaders over time, it's important to remember that they would receive the benefits of the new time as well. Sherman in Iraq, to use an example mentioned, would have access to the same education and assignments that modern leaders have. IMO, that would make him even more likely to be very effective, and I'm not a particular fan or detractor of his.

It seems to me that we may have drifted off the intent of the original question a bit (not that this isn't a fantastic discussion that I've really been enjoying). The issue is supposed to be what qualities or characteristics make a Civil War general great.

So we're really talking about personal qualities. Perhaps we could attempt to come up with a communal list that we can agree on? Maybe take one of the first ones listed (I recall a couple of good ones) and debate whether or not some should be eliminated. I'd suggest that we decide ona cap first, though. More than 20 I would think to be unmanageable. We currently use 16 leadership in the dimensions to evaluate leadership in the Army, but to list those would be cheating! 8^P

There has been great thought put into the ideas posted thus far, and I for one am extremely curious as to where this might lead us.

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