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 Posted: Thu Mar 20th, 2008 02:37 am
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Upon further review, I think you might have got the timing pretty close.

Using the only documented rate of march I'm aware of — Sedgwick's 35-mile march to Gettysburg in 19 hours — breaks down to 1,140 minutes divided by 35 miles equals 32 minutes per mile. It was a forced march, so I don't know if they took 10-minute breaks for every hour of march, although I would assume so. Anyway, with breaks, they're marching at 27 minutes per mile.

Using Sedgwick's rate of march as a model, the Iron Brigade is doubletiming it over 1.5 miles so — just guessing — I'll arbitrarily knock their rate down to 20 minutes per mile, and thus up to 30 minutes for the entire 1.5-mile distance. But it surely wasn't 1.5-miles in a direct line, and Harry Pfanz says they took several paths to the seminary. Then there are the other variables — fatigue, adrenaline, sense of urgency, terrain, weight of rifles and ammo — so the 35-40 minutes sounds pretty darn good. Nice job. )(90

I'm still not certain about them recovering their equipment. The IB was virtually overrun in its last stand in front of the seminary, and they're trying to avoid capture, or worse, when the line finally gives. There's mass confusion all around Gettysburg, and I doubt the survivors are thinking of going back to the Codori farm at this moment. While I agree it's hard to separate a solider from his equipment, would not the average soldier carry his most personal valuables — carte de vistes, letters, Bibles — on his person and not in his rucksack? I'll guess that one of the first things the survivors do when they are posted at Culp's Hill is fall asleep from exhaustion.

Besides, the rest of the Union army is quickly forming on Gettysburg by the end of the day and any equipment they needed was readily accessible.

But I could be wrong.

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