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 Posted: Thu Mar 20th, 2008 03:10 am
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I couldn't say it any better! The stuff I enjoy the most other than the folks I meet, are the things I learn! I approach every event as if I have something to learn. I open up my ears, ask questions and try to get "it" right. I love it when, after taking a "hit," some Reb approaches my "lifeless" body, lifts up my brogans or boots and says, "Naw! Too small." (Or big.) I enjoy being part of a scenario where a "sawbones" is administering first aid to me. That's cool! We are helping each other with our impressions and it is one of the few times when folks are actually trying to help each other with what they're doing.
I've seen some GREAT things happen on the "field of battle" that inspire me to do better. I'm actually trying to learn some German. I fill in the ranks wherever there's a need. I've been a captain, Lieutenant (1st & 2nd), 1st sgt. and a private. I like being a private the most because I get to shoot my old "smokepole" and make more noise and smoke than I would by waving my sabre and yelling, "Give it to 'em, boys!" It's just an excellent hobby where you can meet guys like Johann, Pvt. Clewell, Youngblood and the ladies who work very hard on getting it right as well. It is definitely worth the sweat!

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