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 Posted: Thu Mar 20th, 2008 04:28 am
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Shall we spin off a new thread from this one?

Don had what I thought was a pretty cool suggestion:

"It seems to me that we may have drifted off the intent of the original question a bit (not that this isn't a fantastic discussion that I've really been enjoying). The issue is supposed to be what qualities or characteristics make a Civil War general great.

So we're really talking about personal qualities. Perhaps we could attempt to come up with a communal list that we can agree on? Maybe take one of the first ones listed (I recall a couple of good ones) and debate whether or not some should be eliminated. I'd suggest that we decide ona cap first, though. More than 20 I would think to be unmanageable. We currently use 16 leadership in the dimensions to evaluate leadership in the Army, but to list those would be cheating! 8^P

There has been great thought put into the ideas posted thus far, and I for one am extremely curious as to where this might lead us."

Shall we start a "Genenal's qualities #2" thread and follow Don's game plan, while keeping this thread open for general discussion (get the pun, General discussion, hee-hee?  OK, sometimes I'm just a dork.  Actually, I'm just imitating one:cool:....)

If anyone cares to start it, I shall follow....

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