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 Posted: Thu Mar 20th, 2008 06:31 am
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"Watch out, Ole. The devil is in the details. :P

Joanie might agree..."

Yes I do.  Take for example, this statement:

"And now, for something totally different: a dork is the phallus of a sperm whale. I will insist that you explain the relevance of your suggestion that you are one.


If you will read CAREFULLY, I said that I was imitating a dork.  This is done by spreading the feet about six inches apart, toes pointed outward, and bowing the legs out, like a ballet plie', and.... oh well, never mind.  The relevance?  In order to better understand the great generals, I was trying to get in touch with my masculine side....

(Are you sure that "dork" doesn't refer to the sperm of the phallus whale?)



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