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 Posted: Thu Mar 20th, 2008 06:25 pm
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susansweet wrote: Only reason I think of Fremont is he is all over California .  Things are named for him everywhere.  He sort of "got lost" leaving and wandered around .  Good thing he had Kit Carson with him.   Then too he was in just the right place when the Bear Flag Revolt started . 


Fremont also lends his name to one of the main drags in Las Vegas, NV...Fremont Street. I guess he was pretty much all over the place in the mountain west region.

True confession here. I tend to follow more closely the generals, campaigns and battles that impacted areas where I have lived or visited. That's why I haven't read so much about Fremont. It is mostly a lack of time to do him justice. It certainly isn't because I don't think he is worth my time. As you know, Susan, so many books--so little time.:D

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