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 Posted: Fri Mar 21st, 2008 04:15 am
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There were some postings in another thread about historical accuracy of films and tv, so I thought it might be fun for us to post our favorite "Hollywood History Flubs". I'll start...

"They Died With Their Boots On"....So many notable gems, but these are my two favorite scenes. The first is the depiction of Custer fighting Stuart at Hanover on 03 July when he actually fighting at Gettysburg that day. Hanover was several days earlier as I recall. The next is the totally inaccurate (but still thrilling) Last Stand sequence. The best scene is Custer (dashingly played by Errol Flynn) as the the last man standing, sabre in hand. I do believe that the 7th Cavalry did not carry sabres that day.

Anyone care to join in??? :D



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