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 Posted: Fri Mar 21st, 2008 05:51 am
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Ah, glad to see you join in, Dixie!

I am too tired to think clearly tonight, have to sleep on all this - but, Dixie, since this is your first visit to this subject, do you think that any of the above characteristics are more important than other ones? If I recall correctly, Nathan Bedford Forrest is a special favorite general of yours (of me, too!), and, as Cleborne Fan pointed out on the "parent" thread, he did not attend military school, but rose to the top by natural ability. Do you think these characteristices fit his profile? Of course, as Don pointed out, we are going for the WHATs as opposed to the WHOs here, but we need the "who"'s to help us define the "what"s! Haha - I TOLD you I was tired, I'm even confusing myself now.



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