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 Posted: Fri Mar 21st, 2008 04:45 pm
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The passage of time raveges the memories of an old man!....MINE!
I was sure of my statements and they are ALMOST accurate.
Rather did indeed go to Galveston to report on the approach of Hurricane Carla, but that was in 1961 rather than 1962. In addition, he broadcast first from the seawall, then from the weather bureau not the lighthouse. Finally the TV station was KHOU, not KPRC!

He claimed to be the first to announce the Death of Kennedy but not from Dallas

I looked thsi stuff up to be sure I was right..I am not particularly a fan, but I lived in Houston during Carla and remember the incident except for some detalis. By the time he became a fixture on CBS, I had left Texas so seeing him on national TV was a reminder of Houston and the good times I had there.

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