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 Posted: Sat Mar 22nd, 2008 05:24 pm
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Good point, Connyank...why not?? I feel the the 2004 production of "The Alamo" was pretty much as historically accurate as possible while still having to be "entertaining". While there were some flaws with the set, primarily the location of the Long Barrack, the story was well told and is the best portrayal of the events of 23 Feb-6 March 1836.

The principle characters were, IMHO, accurately depicted. Bowie's illness, Travis' divorce, the conflict between Bowie and Travis, even the location of the Texan 18-pound cannon were correct. The final assault occurred in the dark, early morning hours (instead if in broad daylight as other films portray it) and captures the ferocity of the attack as experienced from both sides.

As far as Crockett is concerned, I think that Billy Bob Thornton's portrayal of him was pretty much right on the money (at least from what I've read about the man). And, while the subject of Crockett's death has been and will be hotly debated, there is evidence that some Alamo defenders were executed after the battle. Even if the film is not completely accurate on this point, it could have happened and it does portray Crockett coming to terms with himself as a real person and the legend of him created fed to the American public during his lifetime.


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