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 Posted: Sat Mar 22nd, 2008 06:26 pm
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Rebel Yell thank you!!!  I loved this movie the Alamo with Billy Bob.  I thought the characters were well done and the battle outstanding.  I went to the Alamo that spring after I saw the movie and everywhere I went people bashed the movie.  I think it was because the HEROES of the Alamo were played as real human beings.  I remember talking to one person that said the actor that played Travis was way too young.  I told the person that actually the man was a year older than Travis was when he died (I believe , I am talking from memory here ).  I thought Billy Bob was perfect as Crockett.  Much better than (gasp dare I say it ) John Wayne.  I saw the Wayne movie I think six times one summer when I was visiting a small town in Idaho where the theatre was owned by friends of my parents and we helped out for a week.   All the main characters in that verison were older men. 

Of course growing up on Fess Parker/Disney  Davy Crockett I had to erase many misconceptions I was taught in the early tv show. 

One of the other details I loved in the newer Alamo was the including of men like Juan Segein and other  native Texans .  

All in all I thing this was a good movie.



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