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 Posted: Sat Mar 22nd, 2008 09:58 pm
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Fedreb guess I was thinking of Laurence Harvey playing Travis. I just looked him up he was 33 when he played Travis who was 26 and Widmark was 46 when he played Bowie who was 40.  Guess when your  16 everyone looked old and now when I saw the new verision everyone looks young .  hee hee .



I have watched many a movie growing up and even now that has led me to find out more and study different periods of history.  This is most true of Western history one of my longest studied and most favorite periods of American history.  Unlike traveling days to get to battlefields and many miles I grew up in the West and between family trips to Idaho and Oklahoma when I was a kid I saw a great deal of it.  I also spend many Saturday morning watching the old B westerns on TV.

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