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 Posted: Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 01:42 am
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"Hampton probably."

Ah, Hampton!  He is rarely mentioned on this board.  In fact, this is about the first time I've seen him mentioned here at CWi, except by myself.   I'm assuming we are talking about Wade III, yes?

He is tied with AP Hill for my "favorite CW general".   But, I fear saying so is even more politically incorrect than naming NB Forrest, as pre- and post-war, Hampton (perhaps the wealthiest plantation owner in The South,  pre-war)  represents all the qualities most generally hated and derided in what is referred to as "The Southern aristocracy".  The fact that I have great admiration for both The General and The Man has not endeared me to many Yankees, here in the Great White North.=+-

On another note,  in my own mind,  I have tended to percieve one "over-all" generalship as being made up of two men:  The Lee-and-Jackson Generalship.  For a time, together, their whole was much greater than the sum of their parts.  When they worked together, there was magic - and a particular character to their strategies and battles.  In my mind, for a period prior to Jackson's death, Jackson was more than Lee's "right arm",  he was one half of an almost unfathomly effective and brillant military duo.

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