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 Posted: Fri Apr 28th, 2006 09:19 am
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I am here in Huntington Beach California.  I go to Ashland Oregon each year , twice a year to see theatre.  It is my other major activitiy .  I bought all my tickets for the season in October.  I will be leaving to drive the 700 miles tomorrow.  I paid 3.17 cents for gas.  70.70 was the total on the pump.  I swear I stood and stared at it for a long period of time.  Then I started figuring two tanks up and two tanks home.  That is now.  I already have tickets for August .  Who know what it will be then. 

They already had raised the price of the tickets the last couple of years, Then last year I found out the hotel I have stayed in for a couple of years has raised their prices a great deal.  This is my last year to go .I am retired on a fixed income.  I have now been priced out of going. 
I had planned to not go next year anyway as I want to do another cross country drive seeing as many battlefields as possible in a two month trip.  Now who knows. 

The only thing I am thankful for is my van takes regular gas.  I have kept a gas journal since I retired ad started  this exploration of America.  I kept it up at home for the fun of it but it has been an eye opener.  I now pay 11 dollars more a tankful for the same amount of gas as I did last year!!!!  That shocked me .  


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