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 Posted: Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 02:50 am
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JoanieReb wrote:
Hee-hee - see what I said about Wade III being the most politically incorrect man to mention?  And that he represents all that is hated about The Old South?

There is a reason I rarely mention my admiration for him.  Yes, he is the poster boy for all that was bad about The Old South, and I do not deny that.

He also had many fine personal qualites which I respect. 

It's like with NB Forrest, only worse,=+++!

Hey! We all get to admire whatever general we please.  Afterall, I am Cleburne Fan. Last I checked, he fought for the Confederacy.:dude:  And that is true even though I am a Yank who grew up in the shadow of Gettysburg. So being a Cleburne admirer is definitely politically incorrect where I came from...although he never fought in that campaign or even that theater of the war.


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