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Longstreet called Wade Hampton," the greatest cavalry leader ofour age".

Actually it was his grandfather that wasthe wealthiest planter in the US. and his father had the finest horse stable in US.  

Wade 111 trained as a lawyer , and managed the family business interest .  Served in State , House of Rep and Senate. 

He did own 3,000 slaves

He was opposed to secession but followed his state.He offered his cotton as collateral for goverment credit to buy military supplies

He outfitted his own Legion with his own money . 

He was Stuart's second in command but the two didn't agree . He thought many of Stuart's raids were a foolish risk of men and horse.  Little strategic value . He felt Stuart had perferential treatment .  1863 he complained to Lee about Stuart.  He blamed Stuart for the death of his brother at Brand Station.

Hampton was more serious that Stuart . His style of fighting was different than Stuarts  On Stuart's death he functioned as Cavalry corps leader .  In 1864 there was some bad blood with Lee that Jefferson Davis personally calmed Hampton down .  He was upset Fritzhugh Lee was promoted over him as Lee was West Point trained .   

Hampton was named Chief of Cavalry eventually.  In defense of Richmond in Oct of 1864 one son was killed and another was wounded.  He was a Yankee hater the rest of his life. 

Lee sent him back to South Carolina .  Here he did not want to take orders from a man 18 years his junior (Wheeler).  Beaureguard helped to have him promoted over Wheeler .   He was made Lt. General only one of two Confederates Cav leaders to attain that rank and the only one to have served in two theaters. 

When Sherman came to Columbia three of the four houses Hampton owned were destroyed by Sherman.

He fought at Bentonville but was not with Johnston when he surrendered.  Hampton was headed south to join Jeff Davis.  He wanted to head to Mexico and continue the fight.  His wife after three days talked him out of it.

He had to start all over after the war,  He was bankrupt.  But in 1876 he ran for governor of South Carolina and won.  Many of his former slaves voted for him.  1979 He served in the US senate.

There is a huge equestrian statue of him on the State house grounds.  Around the base are the names of all the battles he was in and he is in Uniform.  Interesting thing is the statue faces a newer monument onthe grounds. The African Americna memorial. 


Notes are from an article I read in an old Civil War Times or North /South  I am not sure which.  I took them in my travel notebook before I went to South Carolina two years ago.  Can't believe I didn't write down the source.  I usually do. 

One of the items on display in Columbia Confederate Relic room I saw was a huge sword presented to Hampton . 


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