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 Posted: Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 03:59 am
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Ah, Susan,

I had started to post this:

I normally don't post things without looking them up and being certain, but I cain't even think of where to look to confirm this right now, so I'll just say, "I believe it was Wade Hampton whom..." and hope there is someone out there who can confirm or correct me in this:

I beleive it was Wade Hampton whom saw one of his sons shot to death while they were in heated batlle.  He took the time only to assign someone to take the body back to the rear before resuming battle.  He then saw his other son shot but could not stop for this, and did not know until the battle was over if that son lived or died.

Then I decided that I really shouldn't, I must look it up first.  And immediately after cutting it,  You made your very educational post, which included this statement:

Hampton was named Chief of Cavalry eventually.  In defense of Richmond in Oct of 1864 one son was killed and another was wounded.  He was a Yankee hater the rest of his life. 

Thank You!  Even with Google,  I would've spent I-don't-know-how-long trying to find those facts - Thanks again for your very helpful and educational post.


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