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 Posted: Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 04:14 am
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Joanie when I travel I make a notebook.  I put everything I want to see in the notebook.  I take notes on everything.  It says where what when and why I want to see it.  If it involves a historical person I don't know much about I look though my collection of magazines and take notes on the person.  I was really lucky that time in finding this article about Hampton.  It made my visit to Columbia much more interesting having the back story of why only the Hampton Preston home was still standing .  Wasn't actually Wade Hampton III home, but Logan was going to burn it after he was done with it .  An Ursulane Nun put a stop to that . She had a paper from Sherman saying she could have any house she wanted because the Convent had been accidently burned. 

The notebook also has room to write down things I find along the way.  A poem about Francis Marion the Swamp Fox of Revolutionary times that was on the entrance to the grave yard where he is buried in South Carolina.   People's names I meet along the way etc etc.  Iam now working on my notebook for Muster and the places my friends and I will go after muster --- Savannah and St. Augustine .


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