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 Posted: Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 04:44 am
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You're an inspiration, Susan!  Seriously. 

Along with everything else, to be able to pull an almost mind-boggling, but certainly not universally-known fact like this:

" Wasn't actually Wade Hampton III home, but Logan was going to burn it after he was done with it .  An Ursulane Nun put a stop to that . She had a paper from Sherman saying she could have any house she wanted because the Convent had been accidently burned. "

out of your hat, is, to use an over-worked word, "awesome". 

And, these are facts not from your at-home reading, but from your travels and experience.  How cool is that?   Like I said, inspiring.

I always want to read biographies, but, as you say, "so many books, so little time", and it is always seems more expedient and necessary to me to read historical accounts of the war or of particular battles than to read a biography.  Almost like a biography is a big indulgance, can I afford it?  Also, it is really important to choose a good biography, one written with insight and integrity.  Just choosing the "best biography" can be overwhelming....Anyway, I end up developing my ideas of the principle players in the CW from varied accounts of the war and individual campaigns and battles.  (exception - I love to read soldier's first-hand accounts, like from dairies and letters. These are usually quick reads.)

I've been dying to read a biography of Wade Hampton.  But I still haven't read one of Jackson, or read Grant's memoirs....sigh.  So many books, so little time (we need to expand that into a theme-song for you!).... 

Once again, my thanks,


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