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 Posted: Fri Apr 28th, 2006 03:56 pm
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MAubrecht wrote: People like this - make it so much harder for people like me - that support the flag.

However, we have to acknowledge that they have the same Constitutional  right as everyone else to assemble and express their opinions. That is what America is all about, whether it's the Boy Scouts, or PETA, or this group here...


Couldn't have said it better.  That is the blessing, and the curse, of our Republic.  In order to keep what is good, we too often have to let the idiots speak too, so long as all they do is speak.  It doesn't mean we have to listen.

Of course, the downside of that is 1) that some other idiots WILL listen to them.  2) If one doesn't counter idiot speak, then all that is being heard is idiot speak, 3) silence is too often taken as consent.

Those last two, I think, are how the SCV found itself in the current dilemma it is sitting in.  Back in the late 1800's they tried to legally prevent misuse of the Confederate flags only to be told by the US Supreme court that they can't (1st amendment).  So they decided to not publicly acknowledge the hate groups taking control of the flags and to try to counter it with historical education or memory.  Unfortunately actions speak louder than words and now they are marginalized, the symbols seem permanently corrupted and coopted, and their command ranks are now being taken over by political radicals.  With the group splintering over political lines, it will be interesting to see how all this will play out.

Although, I just had a thought.  I wonder how the various groups would react to a body of Confederate-uniformed Reenactors rallying around the Battleflag clearly in opposition to the Klan and singing "the Battle Cry of Freedom."  If that wouldn't create a news stir, nothing will.

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