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 Posted: Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 04:53 pm
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Don wrote: Okay, I have four additions to our list: ruthlesness (my apologies, Cleburne), unorthodoxy, ability to delegate effectively and embracing technology. I currently have "stubborn SOB" under Tenacity.

That's 33, which seems a bit much to me. What can we remove from our list? As always, please justify your selections.

Maybe we could have a few sets with subsets underneath each set of traits.  I honestly think it is difficult to make a short list of the traits of great Civil War generals. There are so many factors involved.

Not every great general possessed all traits in equal measure or consistently over his career. For example, some started out well, then didn't live up to their promise (McClellan, Hood) and others had a hard time getting started, then developed into greatness (Grant).

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