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 Posted: Mon Mar 24th, 2008 12:21 am
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"who knows what muck lay on the average cooking pan"

Hmmmm, extra gritty grits....

I fear I have started something "unsavory" here with what I meant to be just a joke.  So, I shall try to put it to bed now and hope there are no hard feelings.

For those of you from the UK - once upon a time, as I understand it, there was a negative stereotype concerning Southern diets.  I believe it involved the idea that many Southerners were so poor or simply had such unbalanced diets that they irresistably craved eating dirt to get the minerals they lacked.

As long as I can remember, it's been a harmless source of halarity where I come from.  We just do silly things like pick up a handful of dirt and offer it to someone, saying "Hungry?"  Or, the old one about, "Well, we plowed the field today.  The dirt should be ready to harvest tomorrow..." I've never met anyone who takes it seriously or is offended by it.  However, judging from what Bama has said, there really might be some truth and sensitive feelings about it that I am unaware of!  I thought it was an anachronism, but maybe not.

Well, I have suceeded in high-jacking another thread!  Out of respect for the author and quality of the original subject, I'd like to end it here. 

Sometimes we spin off from highjacks, but I'm guessing the particular subject of "eating dirt" is not one anyone really cares to see as a thread....



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