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 Posted: Fri Apr 28th, 2006 04:14 pm
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I think it is interesting how people "turn Communist" on the price of oil.  I think to an extent we are paying the price of congress, who seems to be screaming the loudest, allowing consolidation of the oil industry.  But moreso on the good old supply and demand curves we learned about in Economics 101.  The increasing demand in India and China for limited refined oil (not necessarily raw oil supplies) is going to keep driving prices up IMO.  As to the obscene profits of the oil industry, yes the dollars are at an all time high (go back to my mention of the increased demand) but their actual profit margins are below what my company makes in its industry and there are several companies in my industry doing better than us.  Should congress step in and regulate our profit margins as "too obscene?"

The beauty of the Free Enterprise system is that if the "awl bidness"  was so lucrative people would be jumping in to make a "killin'" but with too much govt. regulation and profit margins below other industries, why would you do that?

Sorry to sidetrack the discussion, I know this probably goes in the politics board but with all the news and stupid ideas like mailing everyone a $100 check I couldn't resist the rant.

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