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 Posted: Mon Mar 24th, 2008 09:48 pm
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Regarding the article that FedReb posted:

Hmmmm, going into the bathroom to eat dirt...the plot thickens....wonder if she washes her hands when she's through?

"``The fundamental question I have is, who started this?'' Dr. Grigsby said. ``Were they just so hungry they decided to eat dirt?''"

I'm gonna write up a grant proposal to study this essential question.  I will need lots and lots of money.  Must purchase at least 20 acres of fine Geogia soil for study.  Also, will need to build a nice, comfortable, home-like structure on said soil, in order to most effectively study and collate my findings.... With a hot tub and swimming pool for cleaning up after a hard day in the field.  Also, lots of travel money, as the study of localites will be in order.  Also, it appears that at least one extended trip overseas, to England, will be necessary.  Following that, I shall pro'bly have to expand my study to all seven continents....well, it looks like I may have to dedicate the rest of my life to this, so I must get busy, now...

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