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 Posted: Tue Mar 25th, 2008 12:35 am
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Don wrote: Cleburne,
I don't know about too short a list, I was thinking 15-20 of 'main topics', with subsets under many.

Does physical capacity make the leader more or less great, or simply mean they're around long enough to help their cause in a major way? I'm not sure it directly ties to great leadership. Or are we talking abaout command presence on the battlefield?

This just goes to show the difficulty of choosing a short list of traits of great Civil War leaders. I'm referring to your puzzle with the trait of physical fitness as an example. But then I do still maintain that not every great leader of the CW will have every trait all the time or even maybe none of the time.

Maybe an easier first step would be to decide who were the truly great Civil War leaders and then see what traits we can find in large measure that appeard much of the time in all or most of these men. Maybe to save time, we could simply cannibalize Javal's poll of last year in which we voted for the best generals of the war.

Even that should make for some great heated discussions. I can't wait.:D

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