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 Posted: Tue Mar 25th, 2008 03:40 pm
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I have a trait that a lot of the "great " Generals had  FAITH in God . Think sometimes this could be overlooked , but it does strengthin some of the traits that you all have mentioned. Through Prayer , reading the bible and morals , and just relying on a higher power than thier own.

Several great Generals had this trait ; Jackson, Stuart, Lee, just to name a few.

I know there are a couple of good books on the subject (written by a fellow board member no less).

The Generals that we are discussing lived in a very different time when the subject of religion didnt have the stigma it does now . I would not want to speak for these men but I know my faith would help me alot in the situtatiions they  experienced. Some of the areas on the list that faith would come into play are :

Tenacity : a faith in God will strengthin you resolve to stick to the cause. 

 Motivator: If you are going to inspire men you have to be inspired from somewhere yourself. 

 Decision- making  : I am sure Many of Lee's battle plans were prayed about long before and after they were put on paper.

Calmness , Courage : Jackson rode to the front of the lines often , like he did at Chancelorsville  because his faith told him God had already appointed the time of his death so he need not worry about it.

Vision: both sides thought the Lord was on thier side for example at Fredricksburg the Confederates saw the Northern Lights as God celebrating a Confederate victory.

Also a quote from Fredricksuburg

 We will whip the enemy, but gain no fruits of victory

Gen. Stonewall Jackson

Basically IMO Faith in God should be a Characteristic of a great general or at the very least a sublet of many of the above mentioned traits.



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