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 Posted: Wed Mar 26th, 2008 04:21 am
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Oh, Private Clewell,

This segues (sp?) into my favorite pun of all-time.  Oscar Wilde's pun on "horticulture".

According to some accounts, it actually came from a challenge at a party - to Oscar Wilde - that he could not pun off of any word given him in the moment.  He agreed, and thus the word "horticulture" was set forth for him to pun off of.

There is a reason that this is my favorite pun. I was able to spew it at a critical moment, in my undergraduate youth.  And seriously, the story of my spewing it starts out like a joke, but really happened, I swear!:

Once a young Texan English Professor, a young English Professor from Oxford University, and a young German "Herr-Doctor-Professor", were all at a formal recruiting dinner together, for the purpose of wooing each to apply for a new post at an established university...of course, I was there, performing the part of a bright young female student.  Much money had been expended to bringing these three, and few others, in, for wooing.

Well, I leave you to wonder about the rest of the story. 

I'm sure someone knows Oscar Wilde's (according to legend) immediate response....

If Y'All come up with it, I may tell you the rest of the story.

If you are smart, you won't, as it is one of those funny remincences that bore others to tears....

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