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 Posted: Wed Mar 26th, 2008 03:42 pm
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1. Tenacity - never, ever give up.
2. Aggressiveness - audacity, boldness, a war cannot be won from a defensive position.
3. Motivator - must be able to inspire men.
4. Ability to delegate.
5. Flexibility - must be able to adapt to changing conditions including technology.
6. Tactician - skill on the battlefield.
7. Political skills - be able to get along with civilian leaders.
8. Planning/Organization.
9. Strategic - must understand how their actions fit into the larger picture.
10. Decision making - must be able to make the tough decisions and make them work.

I like this longer list. Cutting it to four wider themes leaves too much room for discussing the meaning of each. The longer list eliminates much of the need for definitions.

Perhaps as part of "ability to delegate" might be added, "and to select compatible subordinates." And "political skills" might also be augmented and "subordinates."

I'm looking for a place for "perception -- the ability to see the whole picture on a wide battlefield." Maybe that's in the next 10? Or maybe it belongs in this 10 and something else belongs on the next?

Thanks for helping get the ball rolling.


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