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 Posted: Sat Apr 29th, 2006 06:18 am
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The Sons of Confederate Veterans are always claiming that they challenged those who misuse the Rebel Flag and lost in court. They now seem to say that there is nothing more they can do. Why don't they have a counter demonstration and pass out flyers pointing out that this is exactly what they are opposed to? Why not pass out flyers showing the position of the SCV and why they think the Klan and groups like them, should not be allowed to misuse the Rebel Flag in this manner and that groups like this do not represent the SCV? (or any other true Civil War Heritage Group) My guess is the "new" SCV won't show up because they are in lock step with their buddies in groups like the Klan, the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South (LOSers). They sure wouldn't want to offend their buddies, now would they? Hopefully, the true members of the SCV, now reorganizing to challenge the takeover by the White Supremists supporters, will be there to challenge this long festering disgrace.

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