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 Posted: Thu Mar 27th, 2008 12:43 am
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   If someone is unlucky enough, then he won't have the opportunity to develop those: "qualities" that people on this thread are discussing. If the qualities already exist, then there won't be the opportunities to display them, etc.

   A :"quality" can be defined as : "an essential characteristic, property, or attribute." I can argue that it is typical of some people to be lucky. At the very least, it can be demonstrated to be part of the personal history of some people. You certainly need the absence of really bad luck, or you don't get very far.

   What I was trying to illustrate is that the qualities being discussed are not unique to a small number of officers who become great generals. Actually, many other people possess these same qualities.

   Only a small percentage of worthy individuals find themselves in the right time in history, at the right place, and in the right circumstances to make their mark on history by exhibiting those qualities that many others also have, but who are less lucky for one reason or another.

   For every General Patton who emerges unscathed after standing in a street firing his pistol at strafing aircraft, there is a less fortunate fellow who could have been great one day if he had not been killed by a stray shell when he went to the latrine at the wrong time.

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