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 Posted: Mon May 1st, 2006 05:00 pm
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TimHoffman01 wrote: Hi Virtual,

Great Pictures, as everyone else has already said.  I actually have a couple of technical questions for you.  What Type of camera did you use.  I noticed one was a Nikon CoolPix (I have the 3200 myself) and I was wondering if that was the camera you used for most of those or if you had another one and what you actually used to get such good shots. 

My wife is an old shutterbug and wants to get a good digital for her own use too.  I have to admit I like the Nikons.  My own film camera (seems like a 1851 Enfield compared to an M-16 compared to some of the digitals though) is a Pentax K1000.  Used to take really good pictures, but lately the film development places just haven't been doing a very good job with them.


I know this was directed to someone else, but I've been digital since 2004 and absolutely love it. The last straw was 2003 when the processing dept at Target lost TWO of my rolls of vacation film. I was ticked. I can only imagin how ticked someone would be if they lost film from a European vacation.

Fortunately, it worked out in that if they hadn't lost the rolls, I'd probably still be using 35mm film. I think my digital camera only does 2.1 megapixels, but it produces the best pictures I've ever had. Plus there's so many advantages to using a digital camera.

Here's some of my better photos:

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