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 Posted: Thu Mar 27th, 2008 10:09 pm
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I think that the number and importance of his cavalry raids are not represented above, especially those of 1862.  I'm going on memory right now though - I'm working away from home without books to support me today.

I believe that at first Bull-nassas, he was instrumental to Jackson's success (and thus the attainment of Stonewall's nickname, as well ;)).  Then took one of several of his wounds to the head while over-running a Yankee artillery station and capturing some cannons.

Also, I think his woundings rarely interfered with his leading and fighting;  in the fighting outside of G-Burg, I believe that only his thrid or fourth wound brought him off the field.  Mostly, he just dealt with them without dismounting and continued fighting.

Recruiting while the Siege of Peterburg was taking place, and the Beefsteak Raid, should not be underestimated.

His hand-to-hand combat abilites deserve commenting on.

Well, time to wrap things up here and return home, where I can pull out some books....

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