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 Posted: Fri Mar 28th, 2008 12:58 am
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This fits in with "Hollywood History", if not exactly the spirit of the thread.

AMC shows re-runs of it's Movies that Shook the World documentary series at 7:00 am on Thursday mornings.  This morning, they covered D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation.  I thought it was excellent, thought-provoking, and educational, and urge people here to try to catch it.  There is a mesmerizing black-and-white interview with Griffith - just the visual is amazing - in which he and the interviewer  obscure each other in clouds of smoke as they puff away on cigarettes, and Griffith talks about his father, the Confederate Colonel, in an accent that sounds anything but Southern., and tries to justify using "The Klansman" as the subject of his film.

The overwhelming fallout that the film had on American Society and cinematography is covered in as much depth as the time allows.

Griffith's subsequent failures in film and society, his descent into alcohalism, and his death as "basically, a penniless bum" are covered at the end.

I've been trying to find the next time it will run, but the AMC website isn't cooperating with me.

Anyway, I thought it was really, really well done.  Will try to find out when it is showing next and post that piece of info here.


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