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I'm making a list and checking it twice of Wade III's career highlights.

The Battle of Hawe's Shop didn't make HankC's list, and I just wanted to throw it out now, as I think it fits the criteria of being in a critical place at a critical time, and it also decidedly helped shape a battle/campaign.

Just a couple of quotes from Wikpedia for now, addressing Hampton's withdrawl there:

 (Another factor was that Hampton had just received intelligence from prisoners on the location of two Union corps, which meant that his reconnaissance mission had been successfully completed.)

Since the Confederates withdrew, the battle was a technical Union victory, but at a high cost. Hampton had delayed the Union advance for seven hours and General Lee received the valuable intelligence he had sought. This information caused him to shift the Army of Northern Virginia to a new blocking position at Cold Harbor.  (italics mine)


Anyway, a general computer search for The Battle of Hawe's Shop,  aka Haw's Shop, can give all the details.  (Interestly, John Huff, whom fatally shot JEB Stuart about 2 weeks before, was killed there.)



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