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 Posted: Fri Mar 28th, 2008 03:43 pm
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Has anyone else read the biography of John Boyd: "Boyd: The Fighter Pilot that Changed the Art of War"?  I have mentioned it several times but without a hint of recognition.  IMHO this is probably the best book at helping to understand modern military strategy and tactics. 

Briefly Boyd was responsible for everything from the design of the F16 and the Warthog to OODA which is the core of military tactical training for officers.  The book reads like a novel and is filled with lots of "eureka wow" information.

I have an extra copy of it and I would be willing to donate it to the "CWI book sharing club."  I will send it to the first person that requests it.  Keep it for two weeks and send it on to the next person who is interested in reading it.  I hope this doesn't violate any discussion board rules, but I would like for people to be familiar with this man and his work. 


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