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 Posted: Fri Mar 28th, 2008 04:48 pm
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ok time for the Martinsville day race the  3rd on my top 5 track list. Guess I didnt see all the bad in the bristol race, was it a bristol of old no, I think that the 3 car made alot of the old bristol highlights LOL and sure do miss that. Remember the one fondly when sir spun out Terry Labonte for the win since my wife is a avid TL fan lol she still gets heated when you see the old footage of it.

One thing I do miss is the old announcers Eli Gold from TNN days was one of the best IMO , also Ned Jarret watched him announce when his boy won daytona ,was a cool moment in NASCAR history.

of course they all pale to jeff's 1st daytona win

My announce team would be Eli Gold , Ned Jarrett and Benny Parsons (of course Parsons passed of cancer last year RIP ) I hate these new announcers for the new nascar era only one I like is Waltrip and Maybe Hammon on a good day. The Rest are to coporate for me.

Anyway guess the Bristol race wasnt so bad for me ,yes nascar has changed but some of it is for the good, do agree with alot reb and javal have posted but I have been a fan since forever so wont be going anywhere , of course any race my dad and I get to watch together uninterupted is great which was the case of the last bristol.


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